Bodean’s Tower Hill

Whether the market’s a bear or a bull, City investors looking for the biggest and best return for their dining portfolio head for the sign of the golden pig, located in the loveliest corner of the Square Mile facing the Tower of London on the Thames.

And after ogling the Crown Jewels and stalking the ancient battlements, visitors to the Tower can look forward to a warm welcome to relax and refuel without fretting about the budget whether grabbing our top-rated barbecue on the fly as you walk through the door or taking your time downstairs in our sumptuous club setting where button-back Broadway hits the trail.

BODEAN’S Tower Hill

16 Byward St.
London, EC3R 5BA


Monday to Thursday – 5 to 10 PM

Friday & Saturday – 12 to 11 PM

Sunday – 12 to 10 PM