Our sports schedule

NBA, MLB, NCAA … we’ve got it, NHL … for sure, NFL … absolutely!

We go mad for sports, nothing better than watching your favourite game in the comfort of our branches with authentic smoked barbecue. We show all major US sports in all our branches daily including The Premier League and other major games.


Bodean's Clapham

Monday 17th April

Time Teams Sport
12pm Delhi Daredevils vs Kolkata Knight Riders Cricket
3pm Trail Blazers @ Warriors NBA
8pm Middlesbrough vs Arsenal Football

Tuesday 18th April

Time Teams Sport
3pm Gujarat Lions vs Royal Challengers Cricket
7:45pm Leicester vs Atletico Madrid Football

Wednesday 19th April

Time Teams Sport
12pm Penguins @ Blue Jackets NHL
3:30pm Bulls @ Celtics NBA
7:45pm Barcelona vs Juventus Football

Thursday 20th April

Time Teams Sport
1:30pm Indians @ Twins MLB
4pm Kings XI vs Mumbai Indians Cricket
8pm Man Utd vs Anderlecht Football

Friday 21st April

Time Teams Sport
12pm Rangers @ Canadiens NHL
3:30pm Cavaliers @ Pacers NBA
6pm Mariners @ Athletics MLB

Saturday 22nd April

Time Teams Sport
1:30pm Marlins @ Padres MLB
5:15pm Chelsea vs Spurs Football

Sunday 23rd April

Time Teams Sport
1:30pm Burnley vs Man Utd Football
3pm Arsenal vs Man City Football
6pm Cavaliers @ Pacers NBA

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