Summer BBQ Bundle


A pack of 5 x 70g hotdogs, 4 x 7oz Brisket Burgers, 2 x Whole slabs of Baby Back Ribs, between 10 to 12 large smoked Chicken Wings, 1 x Smoked Hickory Sauce, 1x Hot Chipotle Sauce.

The meaty, Gristle Free, natural skin Hot Dogs are approximately 70-grams each with 5 per pack. These Frankfurters have a great smokey taste without overpowering the meat & seasoning, to create the delicious Sherwood Hot Dogs with the perfect “Snap”! Already cooked, these Hot Dogs are ideal for quick n’ easy meals at home, & are perfect for those barbecues with friends & family. Enjoy making Hot Dogs in buns with your favourite toppings the kids love them.
Our choice to use Brisket as the main cut for our burgers is because of the great texture & flavour they have, creating a satisfying succulent beef burger. When cooking Beef Burgers at home, you want a beefy flavour with real meat & no gristle that everyone can enjoy every time. Our delicious Brisket Burgers deliver this & the 7 oz / 200-gram patties are big enough for the best of appetites! Each burger comes vacuum-sealed in its own pouches to keep them as fresh as the moment they were made.
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All of our mouthwatering BBQ meats are delivered fully cooked and frozen. All products should be stored frozen and only defrosted immediately prior to consumption. For all storage and defrosting instructions please refer to the product label.

*Due to the perishable nature of our products we are unable to accept returns.

Click here for reheating guidelines.

Frequently Asked Questions

– Frozen product – store below -18°C.
– Store immediately after receiving your delivery.
– Best before date is dependant on correct storage.
– Defrost thoroughly before cooking.
– Defrost in the sealed pack in the fridge for a minimum of 8 hours. Do not defrost at room temperature.
– Once defrosted, store chilled and consume within 24 hours.