Welcome all BBQ lovers, curious souls and Bodeaniacs. Welcome to the one and only place that serves Ribs, Butts and Rock’n’Roll. 

For all of you who are here for the first time, we are THE London based BBQ Smokehouse, established in 2002, the year when Andre Blais had a dream to bring the taste of Kansas City style BBQ to London. With tireless work, hosting each guest with love and consistent passion for BBQ, we remain a proud pioneer of the best BBQ in the city.


Black leather seats, crimson red walls, horns, and the one and only BBQ neon light; the signature look of our restaurants. Hot damn, let’s not forget about the Rock’n’Roll spinning in the air. Kids, horns up not down and stop googling who Guns’n’Roses are. They are real. Still kicking butts and we praise them. Parents bring your lil’ ones for a real Rock history class. 

Ok now let’s get onto serious business! Enough self debating around history and neon lights. We seriously have to talk about the M-E-A-T.  Smoked, delicious, juicy, sweet BBQ. Yeah, we know the feeling is real, and the love is even deeper.

We are offering sweet BBQ Ribs, spicy hot Buffalo Wings, tender Burnt Ends, yums. Can you handle more? All that deliciousness comes served with BBQ sides, all from Mac & Cheese, topped fries. And more and more and more.

We got you when you need comfort food, victory food, celebration food or just damn GOOD food. Bodean’s BBQ has you covered. Come and have fun with us. 

How to find us? Just close your eyes, tap your shiny shoes three times and follow the pink neon light.