Let’s talk about Ribs, baby. Let’s talk about spare’n’baby, let’s talk about all the good things and the… well even better ones that may be. Yes, yes, yes: I am talking about Bodean-licious RIBS, the absolute champion of our menu! The smoky, delicious, bbq-y pork and beef ribs.

Did you know that we are one of the rare spots in London where you can get Baby Back Ribs? And not just that! We make sure to choose our ribs from the most trustworthy sources.
We offer two types of pork ribs: the belly ribs or as known on our menu, Spare Ribs, and the loin ribs or the Baby Back Ribs.


And when you thought you made up your mind on what to order, our Jacob’s Ladder Beef Ribs make an entrance. What are they, you ask? Only the most glorious chunks of smoky beef. The cuts are sourced from Scottish highlands and, when selecting them, we only approve bones 3, 4 and 5, which provide consistency in size and meatiness.

But what makes us unique and the best among the competition? Ha! We do proud ourselves with extreme quality control when selecting our ribs. The Bodean’s early birds handpick all the cuts before proceeding to smoke them. Only the best of the best.

Alright now we have all the top cuts, dry rubbed and ready for the smoke pits; the place where all the magic happens. The enormous Beef Ribs are smoked for about 12 hours, Spare Ribs for around 5-6 hours and last, but not least, Baby Back Ribs for approximately 2-3 hours. Are you smelling the BBQ yet?

For all you logistic enthusiasts, after smoking, we distribute those beautiful, smoked cuts from our Central Kitchen into each Bodean’s BBQ restaurant around London the very same morning. Within a few hours, the gloriousness comes served on your plate. Hungry yet?

Wondering where to taste these delicious, mouth-watering, finger-licking ribs? Just follow the pink neon light. Bodeniacs stay fierce!