Dear BBQ lovers and Bodeanics, you know that we serve the best BBQ in the city, but did you know that we also serve the best butts, laughs and fun? We call it the Bodean’s spirit. So do not be surprised when Bohemian Rhapsody comes on and we stop the whole restaurant to sing our throats out.

Bodean’s BBQ, a London based Smokehouse can be found in six different locations and each of them is carrying a friendly, fun spirit. From the Chelsea blue heart little babe in Fulham, the business undercover fun base in Old Street, the promised party base in Clapham to the founding gem in Soho, the touristy Tower Hill and (hopefully soon again) the central, sophisticated vibe in Covent Garden.

Bodean’s spirit is always here for you, we like to have a good time, we like to chat and get to know you. And that’s the best part of our job. You! Hearing all of your stories (like how you are sitting at the exact same table you were 5 years ago when you proposed), seeing photos of your not-so-little kids anymore when they were but toddlers, sitting on the exact same chair as they are now. We’re here to help with that birthday celebration, we’re here to make your first dates special. We are here for YOU. And we love it. We love those stories and they make us want to come back to work every day.

Now, let’s hope that everything is slowly starting to return to normal so we can fill up all of our chairs and bring the dancing and the loud singing back. Those BBQ sauce bottles are impatiently waiting to be a fake microphone again for all those Mamaaa mia mama miaa magnifico parts.

For now, follow the pink neon light. We will be waiting to hear all of your stories and we will be always here to offer amazing experiences.