Our sports schedule

NBA, MLB, NCAA … we’ve got it, NHL … for sure, NFL … absolutely!

We go mad for sports, nothing better than watching your favourite game in the comfort of our branches with authentic smoked barbecue. We show all major US sports in all our branches daily including The Premier League and other major games.


Bodean's Muswell Hill

Tuesday 21st November

Time Teams Sport
12pm Devils @ Wild NHL
4:30pm Thunder @ Pelicans Football
7:45pm Dortmund vs Spurs Football

Wednesday 22nd November

Time Teams Sport
12pm Oilers @ Blues NHL
5pm Qarabag vs Chelsea Football
7:45pm Basel vs Man Utd Football

Turkey Day

Time Teams Sport
12pm Bruins @ Devils NHL
3:30pm Warriors @ Thunder NBA
5pm Minnesota @ Detroit NFL
9pm Chargers @ Cowboys NFL

Friday 24th November

Time Teams Sport
1:30pm Ole Miss @ Mississippi State College BB
5pm Miami @ Pittsburg College BB
8pm West Ham vs Leicester Football

Saturday 25th November

Time Teams Sport
3pm England vs Samoa Rugby
5:30pm Liverpool vs Chelsea Football
8:30pm Alabama vs Auburn College BB

Sunday 26th November

Time Teams Sport
1:30pm Southampton vs Everton Football
4pm Huddersfield vs Man City Football

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