Brisket Feast


Not just melt-in-the-mouth delicious but eyes-on-stalks spectacular,  the brisket is a humongously hefty prime cut of beef begging to be shared among family, friends, the whole wide world. Bodean’s brisket is not only sourced from the very best herds but uniquely prepared to take your tastebuds to the stars and beyond. You can order it served straight up on a massive platter on its own or with a fabulous choice of sides including salads, fries and sweet fries, beans, slaw, mac and cheese, corn, surf and turf — or go crazy-creative and build your own. Hashtag #drooling!!!

Whole Brisket – £140

(feeds up to 16 people)

Half Brisket – £75

(feeds up to 8 people)


  • A £50 deposit will be required in order to pre-order the Brisket.
  • Cannot be used in conjunction with any discounts.

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  • Brisket Feast
  • Brisket Feast
  • Brisket Feast

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